When we launched The Accessible Guide in March 2022 our intention was always to expand to all cities and locations across the United Kingdom.  Today, we are doing just that.  If your business, venue or service is inclusive and welcoming to Disabled People, and you’re based in the U.K, then we can list your business on our platform.

We welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with organisations to become their Access or Inclusivity Partners, this will enable businesses to use our logo and create a link on their website to their listing on The Accessible Guide.

Our platform was designed by Disabled People with lived experiences of exclusion and our objectives are to use digital technology to create genuine opportunities for inclusion, using a one-page layout where users can find access information quickly and effortlessly.

We are working on some exciting new initiatives that will help us develop our platform further and help us reduce the barriers to inclusion that Disabled People face on a daily basis, whilst also supporting business to remain or become more inclusive and welcoming to Disabled People.

What Type of Businesses Do We List?

We can list a wide variety of different businesses.  First and foremost our platform can showcase hospitality and leisure venues and services, we are also able to list other businesses however and in the coming months we will be updating our website with additional categories that will make it even easier for users to find exactly what they’re looking for.

It is important that we create genuine opportunities for inclusion and we also showcase businesses that provide support to Disabled People, this could be anything from business support, financial advice both personal and professional, educational opportunities, business networking opportunities and social and leisure opportunities, the list is endless.

Charitable & Not-for-Profit Organisations

If you’re a charity or not-for-profit organisation and your services are inclusive and welcoming to Disabled People then we encourage you to be part of The Accessible Guide.

Supporting Businesses

We can support businesses listed on our platform to remain inclusive and welcoming to Disabled People, if there are any concerns around accessibility then we are only a message away. We are based in Liverpool, if a site visit is required we would be happy to arrange this.

In Summary

It is an exciting time for The Accessible Guide and we hope more and more businesses see the potential of being listed on our platform.

By making sure your business is inclusive and welcoming to Disabled People you can demonstrate your commitment to inclusion and equity and into creating a fairer and more inclusive and welcoming society for everyone.  Your business will also be able to tap into the Purple Pound, which is the combined spending power of Disabled People in the U.K.

Latest figures estimate the Purple Pound to be worth a staggering £274 billion.

The Accessible Guide can support businesses to raise their profile and trustworthiness and create more genuine opportunities for inclusion.

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