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Inclusive Networking


It can be a daunting experience entering a room full of strangers and many people avoid business networking events. This can often slow progression and can ultimately lead to businesses and entrepr...

Empowering Employees


The Role of Accessibility in Workplace Inclusion In today’s rapidly evolving workplace landscape, diversity and inclusion have become integral aspects of organizationa...

Accessiblity Beyond Compliance


A Blueprint for Inclusive Business Practices Compliance with accessibility standards is just the first step toward creating an inclusive business environment. True accessibi...

Power of Representation


In a world that thrives on diversity, the representation of businesses actively championing accessiblity becomes a powerful catalyst for positive change. Highlighting these trailblazers is n...

Inclusive Urban Spaces


A Symphony of Senses & Tech In our bustling cities, creating spaces that truly welcome everyone means looking beyond the physical and embracing the unique requirements o...

Beyond the Ramp


Beyond the Ramp: Redefining Accessibility in Urban Spaces At The Accessible Guide, we believe that true accessibility in urban spaces goes beyond mere infrastructure....

Breaking Down the Barriers


Breaking Barriers The importance of Accessible Business Listing in a world that’s becoming more digitally connected cannot be overstated. These listings serve as gatew...

Collaborate with Us


As a company our objectives are to use digital technology to create opportunities for inclusion. Our platform showcases businesses and their access provisions, using factual information that allows...

Digital Locks v Radar Keys


Over the past couple of months I have witnessed businesses install digital door locks to their accessible toilet facilities, in an attempt to keep the facilities clean and safe. Whilst it is commen...

Support Our Company


Easyfundraising & The Accessible Guide Did you know The Accessible Guide is on Easyfundraising? This means you can support our Company when shopping online and it couldn...

Fully Accessible


Is there such a thing a fully accessible? Our founder and Managing Director Phil Peel gives us his thoughts.

Language & Disability


A subject that can often be overlooked is the language businesses use when dealing with a disabled person. On occasions, employees may inadvertently and unintentionally, cause offence by their choi...

TNL Funding


We are delighted to announce that we have secured funding from The National Lottery Community Fund for our new AI project, don’t worry though, the robots are not taking over! Our Advance Inclusiv...

Businesses & the Purple Pound


The financial incentive to become inclusive and welcoming to disabled people.

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1st Year Anniversary


Wow. It has been a year since we launched The Accessible Guide! It has been a roller coaster of a ride, by this we mean it has been busy and exciting.

International Day of Disabled Persons


Read our blog on International Day of Disabled Persons 2022!

Welcome Mia!


A warm welcome to our latest intern Mia Guest

Radar Toilets


An intro to Radar Toilets.

Seamlessly En Route


As a disabled adult living in Britain, there are barriers to inclusion that myself and other disabled people face on a daily basis. Inclusive travel is definitely one of those barriers, or more to...

Welcome Georgia!


Learn more about our latest LJMU Intern, Georgia Steel.

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A Year at the SSE


A year with the School for Social Entrepreneurs.

The Opportunity


Making the transition into adulthood can be daunting for some people, for disabled people it can be even more challenging. As a kid with C...



The Accessible Guide is officially launched!

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As a Community Interest Company our objectives are clear. We want to use digital technology innovatively to create opportunities for inclusion. We would like to take this opportunity to...