On Monday 31st October we welcomed Mia Guest to The Accessible Guide team. Mia is our latest intern from Liverpool John Moores University. Mia will be with The Accessible Guide for ten weeks and will be working away behind the scenes developing our social media content and liaising with businesses about The Accessible Guide.

Read what Mia has to say below.

Hi, my name is Mia and I am the new intern in control of Content Creation for The Accessible Guide! I am currently sutdying Media, Culture & Communications at Liverpool John Moores University  and therefore have a strong passion in working within the social media marketing industry.

I will be working as an intern for The Accessible Guide until December and would like to make as much impact as I can in the business to ensure they expand and grow.

I am very excited to be working as part of this wonderful company and can’t wait to support the business in the process of promoting their brand!

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