Earlier this month we welcomed a new member to the TAG Team when Georgia Steel became the second intern from Liverpool John Moores University to join The Accessible Guide. Georgia will be with our Company until 10th June and has been working away behind the scenes developing our social media content and liaising with local businesses about The Accessible Guide.

A Word from Georgia


My name is Georgia and I am the Social Media Content Creator Intern for The Accessible Guide. I have just finished my Events Managment degree at Liverpool John Moores University which I have enjoyed very much. My main role for this internship is to create content and manage the social media accounts for the Company.

I will also be responsible for a variety of other duties like creating marketing strategies, directly getting in contact with customers for feedback and blog posts, expanding the content for the website and media accounts that align with the companies’  goals and objectives and delivering marketing campaigns. The job is something I am very passionate about as I thoroughly enjoy the marketing apsect of the role for such a great company that I am grateful to be working for!

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