At age 2 years I was diagnosed with a chronic condition called Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. The condition affects every joint in my body which means I have very limited mobility and use a wheelchair all my life to stay mobile.

I’m a business owner in which I run workshops around disability awareness within Liverpool, this includes accessibility issues, disability etiquette and educating society that a person is not defined by their disability. I try to show society that disability it not a negatvie, and the very idea of disability is very much stigmatised.

It is not the persons disability that is the issue, it’s the enviornment around us, we are faced with lack of accessibility every day. Something as simple as going out to a restaurant or bar has to be planned ahead, will there be wheelchair access? Is there a bathroom I can fit into in my wheelchair? EVERYTHING has to be planned.

I do notice a lot of change within Liverpool, access is getting better, but we are still a long way from being an inclusive city.

I have been turned away from many bars/restaurants/clubs due to simple access issues such as there being a step at the entrance, this could easily be made accessible by purchasing a portable ramp (these are not expensive).  This is a huge issue within the LGBTQ club scene in Liverpool. I am yet to find a club that is accessible to myself, GBar, one of the most popular nightclubs in Liverpool could quite easily become accessible, yet they ignore my emails, Instagram messages offering my recommendations on ensuring the club is inclusive to all.


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