It’s the day we have been waiting a long time for. Our new platform is now officially LIVE! 

As many of you may know, we were planning to launch The Accessible Guide in August 2020. When the lockdodwn restrictions were introduced in March 2020, it halted the development of our website and now, 18 months after our initial launch date was interrupted, The Accessible Guide is finally here.

For now, we are focusing our attentions on businesses and charitable and not-for-profit organisations that are based in the Liverpool City Region or Chester, but with the scope and ambition to easily scale to other locations.

We would like to thank everybody for the support we have received since the Company was founded in 2016.  When the going go tough during the first lockdown, we received messages of support from many different individuals and businesses.

The Accessible Guide has been developed to showcase businesses and their access provisions, using factual information that will enable users to find venues and services that meet their individual access requirements. We will also promote charitable and not-for-profit organisations that provide services or support for disabled people.

As our platform grows, we hope to be able to introduce new features that will help us support disabled people when accessing goods and services, and reduce the barriers to exclusion.

We will be adding businesses and organisations on a regular basis as the new era for The Accessible Guide gets underway. Thanks for your support folks, we hope you enjoy our new platform.

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