The Internaitonal Day of Disabled Persons is a United Nations led day of recognition, which takes place on December 3rd each year. It celebrates the rights of disabled people in all areas of society. It is also a chance to celebrate the work that many disabled people do and organisations that support disabled people.

In Liverpool, there are tons of organisations that support disabled people.  Our Company, The Accessible Guide C.I.C was founded and is managed by disabled people, as is our Tuesday Night Social project. There are many others though and the wonderful work they do across the city is nothing short of remarkable.

Our friends at Daisy Inclusive UK held their annual awards ceremony on Friday 2nd December,  and from the social media updates alone, you can visibly see the happiness and enjoyment of the individuals that attended the event. Daisy was founded by Dave Kelly, who recently released a book, A Blind Man with a Vision.  In there own words Daisy is the Can Do Charity That Does! Daisy is a disability led charity that supports those who are vulnerable, young people with disabilities and their families through the strands in the Daisy Chain, which includes sports, music, education, employment, disability hate crime, social readiness and support. For more information about Daisy you can visit them online at

Another wonderful organisation is The Brain Charity, who’s mission is to enable all those affected by neurological conditions to live longer, healthier, happier lives.  We will fight together for an inclusive and just society: a world where stigma, hardship and isolation are replaced by compassion and understanding. For more information about The Brain Charity, visit them online at

Both Daisy Inclusive UK and The Brain Charity are organisations based in Liverpool, which is where The Accessible Guide is based.

Our mission at The Accessible Guide is to support businesses become more inclusive and welcoming to disabled people, that will ultimately help disabled people play active roles in society. We aim to reduce the barriers to inclusion and showcase accessible businesses that cater for the requirements of disabled people. We also showcase organisations that provide activities and support for disabled people.

Today acts as a reminder for us all to combat discrimination that disabled people face on a daily basis and help make our society more welcoming, friendly, inclusive and accessible for all.

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