Any businesses that are inclusive and welcoming to Disabled People can partner with The Accessible Guide to demonstrate their commitment to inclusion. When the Equality Act was introduced in 2010, the Act implemented a set of protected characteristics with disability being one of the characteristics. For service providers and businesses, it is unlawful to treat a Disabled Person unfairly, this includes businesses not offering a service or facility to Disabled People that they offer non-disabled people.

The main types of businesses on The Accessible Guide are hospitality and leisure venues, we can showcase any types of organisations though and we welcome businesses such as solicitors, financial advisors, architects, creative industry businesses such as web developers, educational establishments, health and wellbeing services, business networking organisations, offices and retail outlets to name just a few.

We support businesses to remain and become more inclusive and welcoming to Disabled People and by showcasing your business on The Accessible Guide you can demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity and equity. Businesses and venues that are accessible and inclusive can tap into the Purple Pound, which is the combined spending power of disabled households. A disabled household is where at least one resident has a disability. Latest figures estimate the value of the Purple Pound to be a staggering £274 Billion.

The Accessible Guide was founded and is managed by Disabled People with lived experiences of exclusion and the barriers to inclusion that exist in society. In modern day Britain, it makes complete sense why businesses should be inclusive and accessible, it’s not just the financial rewards that businesses may experience, it can also enhance their profile and trustworthiness as a socially responsible organisation. When a venue is accessible and welcoming to Disabled People, it can also encourage their family and friends to visit, which can also increase their profits.

In summary, by partnering with The Accessible Guide we can support businesses:

  1. To demonstrate their commitment to inclusion
  2. To remain and become more inclusive and welcoming to Disabled People
  3. To become more socially responsible
  4. To adhere to their responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010
  5. To tap into the Purple Pound revenue stream

One of our key objectives is to use digital technology to create genuine opportunities for inclusion and reduce the barriers to inclusion that Disabled People face on a daily basis. By including your business on The Accessible Guide, you will help us build a community of inclusive and socially responsible businesses, that will create more inclusive experiences for Disabled People and individuals with additional access requirements.

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