As a company our objectives are to use digital technology to create opportunities for inclusion. Our platform showcases businesses and their access provisions, using factual information that allows users to find businesses and venues that meet their individual access requirements.

Since we launched The Accessible Guide in March 2022, we have worked with Liverpool John Moores University and have had several social media interns. We utilise our social media channels to help us meet our objectives, and social media allows us to market The Accessible Guide to a wider audience.

Our posts on social media can provide a more varied content and over the past twelve months we have noticed that some of our most popular and viewed social media posts have been our Instagram reels. Some of our most popular reels have exceed more than 20k combined views, which has certainly given us something to think about.

It is always a good thing to come up with new ideas to showcase accessibility and we are looking for businesses to collaborate with on Instagram that will enable us to create a reel around the accessibility features of their venue. An Instagram reel is an inclusive and accessible feature to include that can showcase venues to a wider audience. There are benefits for business when collaborating with The Accessible Guide, these include:

  • Businesses will reach a wider audience
  • Reels can drive traffic to your Instagram profile
  • Promote your access provisions innovatively through Instagram
  • Reels are an effective way to raise brand awareness

To see some of our most viewed reels please use the links below.

Liverpool One

Hope Street, Liverpool

Quriky Quarter, Liverpool

If your business is interested in collaborating with The Accessible Guide to create an Instagram reel around accessibility features, then please email us at [email protected].

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